Is your baby ready to start solids? Check out these 4 feeding tools used by our pediatric feeding therapists:

Nuk Brush

1) Nuk Brush

(Available here on amazon) Wake up your child’s mouth by allowing them to explore a nuk brush or any textured object for a few minutes before a meal. Watch as your child’s tongue follows the nuk side to side–tongue lateralization is important when eating solids!

Choo Me Starter Flex Spoons

2) Choo Me Starter Flex Spoons

(Available here on amazon) These spoons are flexible, which allows your child to practice scooping food with decreased frustrations and independence. Textured grooves also allow food to latch easier.

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

3) Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

(Available here on amazon) This tool is a safe way for your child to try new flavors and textures. It can also provide relief when teething, while also enhancing chewing skills.

Nuk Gerber Graduate Tri-suction Plate

4) Nuk Gerber Graduate Tri-Suction Plate

(Available here on amazon) Compartments allow for placement and presentation of preferred and non-preferred food items in a fun and “safe” way. The suction on the bottom of the plate also helps keep everything in front of your child.

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