We thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of these awesome blogs with our readers.

We’ve seen MANY autism blogs, and these were some that stood out to us.

Check them out, and enjoy!

Autism and Oughtisms

First up, Autism and Oughtisms! This blog is a great read for any parent of a child with autism, or multiple children. Many of the posts are centered around parenting, sharing stories, or views about autism, and makes for an insightful and unique read from many other autism blogs.

Autism With a Side of Fries

Next, Autism with a Side of Fries is as interesting as its title! Eileen “Mama Fry” Shaklee is an honest, fierce, loving mom who doesn’t sugar coat autism; but she always looks on the positive side! Her blog is a great read for everyone, and is very relatable and refreshing.

The Autism Daddy

The Autism Daddy is our next awesome blog. This Sesame Street dad has a 13 year old son with autism, and has been blogging since 2011! Read about how he manages his home and work life and the interesting ways that they collide.

Confessions of an Aspergers Mom

Next up: Confessions of an Aspergers Mom. This mom is a master at sharing her feelings and experiences through her writing. As a parent with a child, autism or not, she is very relatable and has a great writing style!

All About Boog

All About Boog is another great read! Mom Amanda Lynn is a proud advocate for her son, Boog, and autism in general. Her blog includes everything from short posts about things she likes, stories about Boog, and her thoughts on autism and how it’s viewed.

Four Plus an Angel

Next, Four Plus an Angel is a blog authored by mom Jessica, who has four kids of varying ages but lots of love to go around. Her oldest was diagnosed with autism, but her blog content is about so much more too. If you’re a parent, have a busy schedule, and rely on coffee…this blog is for you!


Stimeyland is a great blog that had us laughing out loud. Stimey is a mom of three who herself was diagnosed with autism in 2012. Not only is her story unique and quirky, but her writing style and storytelling abilities are awesome and will have you in (happy) tears!

The Autism Dad

Last but not least, The Autism Dad is a blog all about raising three children with autism. Rob Gorski is super relatable, down to earth, and blogs about all things autism, kids, marriage, and life in general. Great read for parents!

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