• Understands the use of objects; for example:
  • Show what you use to cook food or Show me what you watch.
  • Show me what you can ride or Show me what you wear on your feet
  • Understands part/whole relationships, for example:
  • The wheel on the bike
  • The tail of the cat
  • Understands descriptive concepts, such as “big” “wet” and “little”
  • Follows 2 step related and unrelated commands, without cues:
  • Get the cup and give it to me
  • Take off your coat and hang it up.


  • Uses Plurals, such as “horses” or “blocks” or “babies.”
  • Combines 3+ words in spontaneous speech.
  • Answers “What” and “Who” Questions
  • Uses Verb + ing
  • For example, “The girl is playing.”
  • Uses a variety of nouns, verbs, modifiers and pronouns in spontaneous utterances.
  • Uses prepositions
  • Understands the concepts of one vs. all. For example,
  • Give me just one block.
  • Put all of the blocks in the box.


  • Performs longer sequences of play activities
  • Acts out familiar routines
  • Pretends to perform the caregiver/parent routines.

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