Cooper is a quiet two-year-old who loves the parking garage set he received from his Aunt Shelly for his birthday. At times, Cooper will sit softly humming for extended period of time as he moves the cars in particular parking spaces in the garage. Cooper becomes very upset when Mom or Dad parks a car in the ‘wrong’ spot or if his parents model driving the cars in a different way. Cooper’s mother is concerned because her friends’ two-year-olds have more advanced language skills than he does and she’s worried that preschool is right around the corner.

Cooper’s Parents enrolled him in therapy two times a week focusing on social communication skills. Cooper’s parents chose to receive home-visits so that he could be in his natural environment, as they felt he’d be most comfortable at home. The Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) modeled techniques to enhance Cooper’s social communication and expressive and receptive language.

The SLP worked closely with Cooper’s parents so they could take turns using the techniques during their usual morning and evening activities. After 6 months, Cooper’s vocalizations have increased in frequency and complexity. Cooper and his SLP continue to work on his use of gesture/signs paired with vocalizations to increase his expressive language skills. His parents are very proud of his progress. At his last session, he even waved and said “bye-bye!”

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