Homework can be a useful way to be sure kids understand topics introduced at school, but has it gone to far? Parents are often hovering over their child trying to assist, but are parents using the same teaching methods being taught at school? Would kids benefit the next day at school instead from more free playtime and outside exercise?


South Burlington School Bans Homework, Urges Kids to Play

South Burlington School Bans Homework, Urges Kids to Play

Many Parents at Orchard Elementary in Vermont also agree that their kids don’t need to do a second round of academic work after school.

Portland Elementary School Bans Homework

Portland Elementary School Bans Homework

“We find that homework really increases that inequity,” Barker said. “It provides a barrier to our students who need the most support.”

Homework is banned at this Massachusetts School

Homework is Banned at This Massachusetts School

At this Massachusetts school, teachers are advocating that kids spend more time playing, chatting with parents about their day, and getting to bed early.

Cathy Vatterott, Author of Rethinking Homework: Best Practices the Support Diverse Needs, notes, “There’s a growing suspicion that something is wrong with homework” In her book, Cathy Vatterortt discusses how various factors such as family life, the media, and the “balance movement” can affect a student’s learning.

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