What’s a social story?

A social story is a concise descriptive tool, used to illustrate a situation, event, concept or desired skill. Social stories model appropriate social cues and/or behavior, different perspectives of

What are Social Stories™? Carol Gray of the Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding developed Social stories™ and provide information on what to expect.

How Can Social Stories™ Help My Child?

  • Assisting with and preparing for transitions or new experiences, e.g., the first day of school
  • Supporting development of self-care skills, e.g., getting dressed
  • Encouraging appropriate social skills, e.g., turn-taking in play and conversation
  • Modeling expected or appropriate behavior
  • Demonstrating what is unexpected or inappropriate behavior
  • Understanding others’ perspectives and responses to situations
  • Managing unexpected or stressful events or changes to routine, e.g., a new teacher
  • Developing positive self-image/encouraging self-esteem

Scroll down for three free printables you can use to prepare a child for their transition back to school!

Printables - Adding a Thought Printables - First in Line

Printables - Problem Solving

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