Communication breakdowns are one of the top reasons for negative toddler behaviors.

Often times when a child is unable to send a clear message to request an item, action or event, they become overwhelmed with frustration; leading to frequent whining, crying and meltdowns.

Empowering your toddler with the expressive language they need to improve the effectiveness of their overall communication abilities will dramatically ease frustration, while fostering your child’s independence.

As your child learns their thoughts, wants and needs can be shared, they will learn that their communication has a direct effect on altering their environment. This new found independence is thrilling for toddlers!

We’ll discuss to how to grow your child’s language from single words to phrases, as well as language based tips and strategies to foster improved communication your little one!

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This Free Parent Workshop will be Facilitated by Megan Rozantes, M.S., CCC-SLP of Chatterboxes Pediatric Speech-Language & Feeding of Newton & Lexington.

Megan Rozantes

The Loved ChildWorkshop Information:

The Loved Child:

The Loved Child is located at 173 Belmont Street Belmont, MA

Event Date & Time: March 17th 7-9pm

Come enjoy Wine and Appetizers and mingle with the TLC Community.