Maddie, her Mom and a “My Little Pony” named ‘Sparkle’ came in last October. Sara was privy to Maddie’s love for horses and glitter prior to meeting her that day.

“I’m tearing Up Thinking about How Far Maddie Has Come. Financially, it was a stretch for my husband and I to invest in private speech; but the impact Sara Look., CCC-SLP has made on our daughter’s happiness is invaluable” shared her Mom.

At 6 years old, Maddie was just starting first grade. She was a late-talker and didn’t start combining words until age 3. Her mom recalls, “Once she started speaking in longer sentences, her thoughts and language still sounded immature.” Maddie’s Mom noticed she confused pronouns, like he/she, and mixed-up verb tenses. She noted, “Her words just seem disorganized and jumbled.”

Maddie’s language issues were becoming more evident in her school work and seemingly impacting her self-confidence amongst her peers. Her Mom expressed, “Maddie’s academic journey was just beginning. As parents, we worried her educational identity was at stake.”

“I Found Myself Peering at Maddie through the Rearview Mirror on the way over. As I watched her, my heart began to race. How would I tell her that her Dad and I are worried about her language development? Should I explain that she needs to be tested?” “Should we even go through with this today?” relays her Mom.

Sara’s instant interactions with Maddie were so natural and comforting. “Within moments of our arrival, Sara squatted down to Maddie’s level and softly hinted, “Oooh. Your Glittery Pony is Magical! Have you ever made your very own Rainbow-Sparkle-Kingdom?”

“At that moment, it’s like I knew: As a Team, We Could Do This.” notes Maddie’s Mom.

Sara collaborated with Maddie’s parents to develop a therapy plan that targeted goals such as grammar, word retrieval and syntax. Throughout therapy, Sara developed a close working relationship with Maddie and her Parents, as well as her Babysitter and Teachers. We could all see that Maddie really looked up to Sara, which meant she was motivated to follow through on her Home Programs.

Maddie will be starting 2nd Grade this Fall and has made amazing progress. Maddie is now closer than ever to accomplishing age-appropriate language skills.

Maddie, her Mom and ‘Sparkle’ continue to visit Chatterboxes on a bimonthly basis.

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