We pride ourselves in highly-customized therapy. Have a lover of red-cars or a particular character? We’ll incorporate your child’s interests into his or her therapy program.

It is our belief that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” action plan that works for kids on the spectrum.

Rather, we believe that it is our responsibility as therapists to design and implement a customized medley of communication approaches which emphasize your child’s strengths and support his/her weaknesses to support the end goal: Robust Communication Skills.

We work alongside parents to collaboratively develop a therapy plan. Once developed, we introduce concepts and skills via play-based therapy techniques. An emphasis is placed on home programs and parent/caregiver training.

The following principles may be incorporated into your child’s therapy plan:
  • Communication of basic wants & needs
    • Verbal Language
    • Sign Language
    • Pictures/Visual Supports
    • Augmentative Alternative Communication
  • Social Pragmatics
    • Social Stories
    • Video Modeling
    • Visual Supports
  • Peer Interaction
    • Play-based therapy
    • Develop Joint Attention
    • Conversational Skills
    • Perspective Taking
  • Generalization of newly learned skills outside of the therapy environment
    • Parent/Caregiver Training
    • Home Programs/Materials for practice
    • Teacher Trainings/Classroom Consultations

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