Many children exhibit difficulty learning irregular past tense verbs, because they don’t follow the typical “-ed” past tense rule. You might choose to incorporate targeting irregular past tense verbs into your play with your child for just 15-20 minutes each day, or you might repeat the target irregular past tense verbs frequently throughout the day, during conversation or daily routines. Try to focus on only a few verbs at a time (or just one at a time, if your child is exhibiting more difficulty).

5 Play Scenarios that Target Irregular Past Tense Verbs, Using a Toy Dollhouse:

1) Mealtime– It’s time to eat! Set up each wooden figurine around the family dinner table, while targeting the following irregular past tense verbs:

brought, ate, drank, made, fell, took

2) Bedtime – Pretend putting each family member to sleep for the night. You might model your child’s bedtime routine during play in order to practice the following irregular past tense verbs:

slept, woke, read

3) Outdoor Play – Have the family go outside to play while focusing on the following irregular past tense verbs:

slid, ran, caught, hid, swing, threw

4) Grocery Store – Pretend the family hops into the car and drives from the dollhouse to the pretend grocery store, focusing on the following words:

wrote (list), drove, bought, chose, found, saw

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