What is The Cycles Approach?

The Cycles Approach is designed for children who have multiple speech sound errors, exhibit patterns in sound errors, and are very difficult to understand. The goal is to facilitate the emergence of speech patterns. Carefully chosen target words are chosen to help children develop auditory (how it sounds) and kinesthetic (how it feels) models of target sounds and improve self-monitoring skills.

What is a cycle?

A cycle is the amount of time it takes for all targets to be practiced. A typical cycle may last weeks to months. Within each cycle, each sound within a pattern is targeted for about 60 minutes. At the end of each cycle, sounds/patterns are recycled: those that have been acquired are removed and new, more challenging sounds/patterns are added before the next cycle begins.

A typical session incorporating the Cycles Approach:

  1. Review of the previous session’s target words.
  2. Auditory Bombardment with amplification: The child listens to a list of 12 words through an amplification device. The child is not required to repeat the words, but simply listen to them attentively.
  3. The child makes flashcards of the target words by coloring or pasting pictures representing the target words. The child produces the words during the activity.
  4. Experiential Play or Language-Based Activity: The Child engages in a fun, motivating and meaningful play activity involving the target words. Activities are designed to facilitate both articulation and language skills.
  5. Stimulability Probing: The child produces a list of potential target words for the next session. The sounds which are the easiest for the child to produce are chosen.
  6. Amplified auditory bombardment is repeated with the same list of 12 words.
  7. Home practice for a least 2 minutes per day is strongly recommended. This can include simply reading the target word list to the child and having him practice saying each of the words 1-2 times.

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