Children should demonstrate their understanding of body part and clothing vocabulary, by approximately two years of age. Between 2-2.5 yrs, children should master various spatial terms including ‘in,’ ‘off,’ ‘on’ and ‘under.’ Create a language learning opportunity with your child, by focusing on the below three concepts with them, the next time you play with your “Mr. Potato Head!”

1) Clothing Vocabulary

Have Mr. Potato Head try on various clothing items, e.g., ‘hat,’ ‘shoes,’ ‘shirt,’ etc. Point out those clothing items on yourself and on your baby, e.g., “Mommy’s shoes!”

2) Body Part Vocabulary

As you build your very own creative “Mr. Potato Head,” you will add various body parts, e.g., ‘feet,’ ‘eyes,’ ‘nose,’ ‘ears,’ ‘mouth,’ ‘arms,’ and ‘legs.’ Talk about these body parts as you add them to Mr. Potato head, and identify them on yourself and your baby, e.g., “Where’s your nose? There’s your nose!”

3) Spatial Terms

As you add to and change your “Mr. Potato Head,” emphasize the spatial terms that you naturally use, while commenting on your play, e.g., “Hat on!”
Next, ask your child to follow various directions involving these spatial terms, e.g., “Hide the hat, ‘under’ Mr. Potato Head,” or “Take his shoes ‘off’ of his feet.”

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