The Hanen Program’s recent publication, Make Play R.O.C.K. developed by Fern Sussman and Elaine Weitzman includes a parent-classifying system which helps parents learn more about their interaction style with their children.

The Hanen Program notes there are four common parenting play-styles. The Hanen Program believes that knowing your play-style will empower parents to employ simple strategies that will enhance their child’s speech and language development through play. The Four Parenting Play Styles are described below.

1. The Helper or Teacher Style:

All parents need to be helpers or teachers from time to time; however, if you most often direct your child in play, chances are they are not able to have a chance to show you what they know and have the ability to explore the world according to their own interests.

If you responded to the quiz that you usually decide what your child will play and show them what do do or say, You have a Helper or Teacher Style of Play.

2. The Do Not Disturb Style:

You like to let your child play alone most of the time. While all kids need some time alone, kids also need to learn to play with others.

If you responded to the quiz that you rarely show or tell your child what to do and you prefer to watch your child from the sidelines, you have a Do Not Disturb Style of Play.

3. The Cheerleader Style:

Do you make play super-fun and exciting for your child? You love to use a loud excited voice and lots of gestures! Kids love being around you. Just remember that at times this very fun type of play can be overwhelming at times; especially for sensitive kids or kids who have a calm personality.

If responded to the quiz that you like to decide what and how to play with your child; and that you act like a kid during play, while greeting very animated, you have a Cheerleader Style of Play.

4. The Responsive Style:

Parents who know how to adapt their interactions based on their child’s feelings, actions and communication are called Responsive. They can judge when they need to be more like a Cheerleader, and when then need to be calm and present.

If you responded “sometimes” to the majority of the quiz answers, you most likely have a Responsive Play Style.

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